Maine Anti-Environmental Terrorism Bill (Fwd)

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More grist for the mill, from a friend in Maine.  I heard something similar has
been proposed in Ohio.  KMD

LD 1925   An Act to Deter Environmental Terrorism in the State 

Presented by Senator KILKELLY of Lincoln.
Cosponsored by Representative CAMERON of Rumford and
Senators DAVIS P of Piscataquis, KIEFFER of Aroostook, NUTTING J of
Androscoggin, PARADIS of Aroostook, Representatives CARR of Lincoln, CLARK
of Millinocket, PLOWMAN of Hampden, STANLEY of Medway.

Referred to the Committee on Criminal Justice
 Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

 Sec. 1. 17-A MRSA §210, sub-§1-A is enacted to read:

 1-A.__A person is guilty of environmental terrorizing if that person   
communicates to another person a threat to commit or cause to be   
committed a crime of violence dangerous to human life or destructive to   
property or business practices, for the primary purpose of expressing a   
perspective on an environmental or natural resource issue against a   
person or business and the natural and probable consequence of such a   
threat is:

 A.__To place the person or business to whom the threat is communicated   
or the person threatened in reasonable fear that the crime will be   

 B.__To cause injury in fact to persons or damage to property or   
business; or

C.__To cause an interruption in business that results in loss of   
revenues or compensable damages.

Sec. 2. 17-A MRSA §210, sub-§2, as repealed and replaced by PL 1977, c.   
510, §45, is amended to read:

 2. Violation of subsection 1, paragraph A, is a Class D crime. Violation   
of subsection 1, paragraph B, or subsection 1-A is a Class C crime.

This bill establishes the crime of environmental terrorizing, which is   
the destruction of property or the interference with a place of   
business's normal course of business by individuals or groups for the   
primary purpose of making a political statement on natural resource and   
environmental issues. Environmental terrorizing is a Class C crime.



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