Bomb at Forest Guardians (Fwd)

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Sat Mar 27 06:01:47 EST 1999

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> >Larry Caldwell wrote:
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> >> > Compared to what we get over here in Britain a pipe bomb in your mail
> >> > box is like a freindly warning.
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> >> In the western part of the USA too.  It makes the papers and nervous
> >> nellies get all excited, but heck, it didn't go off.  No harm done.
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> >> -- Larry
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> >But if a guy from Earth First sent one that didn't go off to some
> >corporate type, it would be a different story. It wouldn't be considered
> >a friendly warning.
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> >Joe Zorzin
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> JZ, (Your reply has a chilling resemblance to the Unibomber case.) How can
> you compare Ted K's triggered package bomb, which killed Gil Murray,
> President of the California Forestry Association.
> I'd love to see you stand in front of his broken family and explain this!
> His two teenage sons would be truly enlightened to hear your reasoning.
> I suspect the pipe bomp was not triggered to go off, as it would've been a
> simple matter to do so. THAT"S why I think this was a self-contained
> publicity stunt.
> -- AHultgren

If you are so concerned about the bomb that killed Murray then you
should be VIGOROUSLY against any such pipe bomb, without resorting to
this silly idea that it was a stunt; just because it was pointed in a
different direction. I hope you didn't mean to imply that I sanctioned
the bomb that killed Murray. I'm a Thoreavian pacifist.
Joe Zorzin, Silviculture Practicing Forester

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