Bomb at Forest Guardians (Fwd)

HULTGREN arne at
Sun Mar 28 11:43:46 EST 1999

Thoreavian pacifist....Do they have an diplomatic relations with the U.S.???

No, I don't condone ANY bombs. It's just easy to make one that won't go off,
and then call the press...publicity is expensive if you have to buy it!

And no, I don't think you would sanction ANY aspect of Gil Murray's murder.
I just get tired of these ignorant, cookie-pushing do-gooders (public and
private) armed with attorney mouth-pieces, telling me how to do my job.

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote in message
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>HULTGREN wrote:
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>If you are so concerned about the bomb that killed Murray then you
>should be VIGOROUSLY against any such pipe bomb, without resorting to
>this silly idea that it was a stunt; just because it was pointed in a
>different direction. I hope you didn't mean to imply that I sanctioned
>the bomb that killed Murray. I'm a Thoreavian pacifist.
>Joe Zorzin, Silviculture Practicing Forester

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