slick propaganda by Weyerhaeuser??

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>Ted Kegebein wrote:
>> At what poin does PR slide into propaganda, Joseph?
>> When one agrees with the philosophy behind it?
>> Ted Kegebein
>> The profit motive has done more to protect the environment than anything
>> Big Government has done.
>Well, all those millions of acres of forest butchered from coast to
>coast in the past 400 years- it was all done by with the profit motive.
>Does that make it good? And all the high grading still going on- is that

Logging didn't start west of the Sierras until the 1850's. What timberland
was unclaimed/uncut by the early 1900's was placed in federal trust to
create a stable timber supply. And you-betcha don't blame it all on dem dare
>And all the poisons produced by corporations that are all over the
>planet now, like DDT (from decades ago) and PCBs, etc..... are they

No they're not all good, depends on how/what their used for; as well as the

This oughta wind you up but good: DDT has SAVED tens of millions more people
than it ever injured (ever heard of malaria?). PCB's are nowhere near as
toxic as nicotine or caffeine or laundry detergent or Chlorox.
? How many people DIE from malaria each YEAR, globally? (Hint: the number
has 7 figures)

(Disregarding those who simply rendered disabled for a month each year)
>Joe Zorzin, Silviculture Practicing Forester

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