slick propaganda by Weyerhaeuser??

HULTGREN arne at
Sun Mar 28 11:14:33 EST 1999

It's called 'substitution' and it's not allowed, even at arm's length.

Jim Frost <jimfrost at> wrote in message
news:36FD9B92.7D55 at
>Michael Hagen wrote:
>> Very cool.  And now I have to objection to their being able to bid on
>> Washington State DNR timber sales, from which had been banned
>> previously, to prevent the mixing of domestic and exportable logs.
>Since when?  I thought that if a company is a exporter they are not
>allowed to buy public timber.  Did they take the step I've seen some
>companies do, create a new arms-length company, that allows them to bid
>on public sales?  And if so, they couldn't sell it the the Weyerhaeusr
>mills, could they?  Who do they sell it to?

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