slick propaganda by Weyerhaeuser??

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Mar 28 19:14:24 EST 1999


> This oughta wind you up but good: DDT has SAVED tens of millions more people
> than it ever injured (ever heard of malaria?). PCB's are nowhere near as
> toxic as nicotine or caffeine or laundry detergent or Chlorox.
> ? How many people DIE from malaria each YEAR, globally? (Hint: the number
> has 7 figures)

Did you ever here of Rachel Carson and her book "Silent Spring" which
proved that many bird species would be extinct unless we stopped using
DDT? Then again, those birds were not GAME species, so who cares?

PCBs not dangerous? The cancer rate in my area has been proven to be far
higher than it should be due to the vast amount of PCBs secretly buried
under the city of Pittsfield by General Electric; which company denied
they buried the stuff- and they claimed it's harmless any ways, while
the Sierra Club, that bunch fagot commies had been saying for 30 years
that GE buried the stuff and that it was a carcinogen. The Sierra Club
was right, not GE- the company whose stock value went up after they
downsized 350,000 families in the past 20 years- causing God only knows
how many broken families, alcoholism, and miscellaneous social problems.
Major corporations in America USED to be patriotic as they expanded
their work force, building the middle class, until they opted for the
short term quick profit of throwing millions out on to the streets. So,
while you cry over the few jobs lost by loggers, how about those tens of
millions of jobs your beloved corporate pigs sent to China and other
slave countries?

And I suppose you also believed the tobacco companies, when THEIR
scientists claimed to prove that tobacco does not cause cancer. After
all, tobacco companies are some of those glorious huge patriotic peace
loving do gooding corporations.

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