Bomb at Forest Guardians (Fwd)

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Mar 28 19:21:38 EST 1999

> Thoreavian pacifist....Do they have an diplomatic relations with the U.S.???
> No, I don't condone ANY bombs. It's just easy to make one that won't go off,
> and then call the press...publicity is expensive if you have to buy it!
> And no, I don't think you would sanction ANY aspect of Gil Murray's murder.
> I just get tired of these ignorant, cookie-pushing do-gooders (public and
> private) armed with attorney mouth-pieces, telling me how to do my job.

duh... like enviros telling you that you don't have the right to cause
the extinction of species? Or you don't have the right to erode mountain
sides? Or what? Give us specifics.

I feel that way about my state "service foresters" who treat we
consultants like 3 year olds, when most couldn't survive a week in the
real world.

At least around here, the enviros are almost NEVER the problem. It's
piss poor management of state land by state burros, it's low brow
service foresters telling us consultants what to do; it's loggers high
grading just like 100 years ago, it's idiot landowners who either don't
want to manage their forest or they let a logger rape the place; it's
developers paving more acres for more McDonalds. It sure ain't the

Myself and Karl Davies, another consultant, would like to see more
private land under good forestry. It isn't enviros that prevent this,
it's all the other idiots. <G>


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