slick propaganda by Weyerhaeuser??

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Mar 28 19:29:54 EST 1999

Ted Kegebein wrote:
> Economic Darwinism is part of being free.
> Ted Kegebein

hmmm... that's a broad statement. Has anyone here called for Soviet
style communism? Like, you never heard of all the proven criminality of
corporations? You never heard of the "robber barons"? You never heard of
monopolies and oligopolies? And when corporations get huge, don't the
workers have a right to counter that excessive power? Or do  you believe
the biggest baddest wolf on the block has a right to gobble everyone
else up?

That type of economic Darwinism isn't too common is Switzerland and
Sweden. Are those people not free?

Isn't unbridled economic Darwinism against a community spirit? What have
you got against community spirit?

You probably think the Middle Ages was a golden age. No dam lefties
there, and no dam enviros. Just a few aristocrats that owned everything
and all those serfs; including the loggers of those days- living in
their mud huts.
Joe Zorzin

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