slick propaganda by Weyerhaeuser??

John pemberjl at
Mon Mar 29 22:35:19 EST 1999

> And remember that Jesus didn't hang out with the yuppie Republican types
> of his generation. He hung out with the scum of his time, the derelicts
> and the prostitutes; which is one reason the authorities hated him so
> much.

That's because there weren't many yuppie Republicans around 2000 years ago.
 Sure Jesus hung out with the scum of his time.  He also hung out with the
Pharisees and Sauducees.
> So it's so absurdly ironic that Christianity is so often a weapon of the
> money grubbing conservatives- Jesus was a revolutionary.

Please be specific with a case where Christianity is a "weapon of money
grubbing conservatives".  I'm sure there are some, but true Christianity
teaches hope and peace through Jesus.  Jesus a revolutionary?  NO.  That's
what the Jews were expecting in their Messiah.  Jesus came to show man
their sin and to die for that sin.  In this season of Easter, His
ressurection is what people should be looking at, not trying to use Him for
"money grubbing conservatism" or as a "revolutionary".


> Joe Zorzin

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