Experiences with Spin Out

Ron Neely ccron at showme.missouri.edu
Tue Mar 30 10:26:13 EST 1999

As part of a small-scale  reforestation project,  I container grow a few 
hundred trees every year in a nursery area on my property.  I have been 
reading some very favorable reports about a product called Spin Out which is 
applied to the inside of nursery pots to control root growth.  The copper 
compounds in the product kill the apical tip of the root when it contacts the 
wall of the container thereby inducing the growth of lateral roots.  The end 
result is said to be a plant with a fibrous root system which resists 
transplant shock and which is better able to take up nutrients after being set 

Just wondering if anyone on this NG has had any personal experiences with this 
product which they would be willing to share.

Ron Neely
lower Missouri River valley
USDA zone 5a

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