slick propaganda by Weyerhaeuser??

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Mar 31 18:15:17 EST 1999

Ted Kegebein wrote:
> I thank you for explaining yourself more fully in another post, and I
> agree with much that you wrote. I agree, for instance, that prive
> enterprise generally does a better job than government in regard to
> managing resources.
> However, you know I just have to take exception :> to your theory of why
> we have governments. Being of the John Locke school of traditional
> conservativism, I believe that the only legimate reason for any
> government is to protect our God given rights (listed in part in the
> Declaration).

The purpose of democracy is to prevent the powerful from owning and
controlling everything the way they have for thousands of years.
Democratic government is needed to protect the weak; not to protect the
wealth of the wealthy which is a very, very selfish motive. And,
democratic governments exist because the ordinary people demanded it and
managed to retain it; it wasn't given to them.

And, you can't force the entire population to agree with you about those
God given rights in a country with freedom of religion. Many people who
like democracy don't believe in your idea of God. God has nothing to do
with government but government has everything to do with power and the
restraint of power so that the ordinary person can have the freedom to
think what he wants about religion or anything else. And when it comes
to property rights, the wealthy have always had ways of protecting THEIR
property rights, it's the rights of the ordinary people to protect their
minimal property that is most in need of protection- from the wealthy
and powerful.

And, too often the very bodies and souls of ordinary people were in
effect the property of the rich and powerful. Just read your history

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