slick propaganda by Weyerhaeuser??

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> Private vs. public is a complicated issue with no one answer applying to
> situations. But I stand by the "philosophical" perspective ,all else the
> same, private markets are better at managing resources than government.
I think history will prove out that our government mismanaged our forests in
many different ways at different times in our history. Years past has shown
the USFS overcutting and clearcutting. The present shows a rudderless ship
drifting in a sea of rules, regulations and laws while our forests slip into
a more unnatural and unhealthy state that Mother Nature ( or some deranged
and out of work millworker ) will certainly correct. Today's preservationism
will destroy our forests as certainly as the fallers chainsaw did before. A
happy medium where man controls the environment using the best science and
people there is available will result in healthy AND productive forests. Why
not charge more for the wood in exchange for proper management of our
abundant but, unhealthy forest ecosystems?
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