slick propaganda by Weyerhaeuser??

Ted Kegebein talon at
Wed Mar 31 22:34:25 EST 1999

This is, of course, the wrong forum for either a religious or political
discussion, but.....

You understand that America is a Republic, not a Democracy? Democracy is
to be feared by anyone who values the inherent worth of the individual.
Under a Democracy there are no absolute individual rights, for if the
majority votes to enslave the wealthy they will be enslaved. If it had
been left to the majority seggregation would have never ended, and in
today's illeducated population no property rights would exist at all.

Further, any rights granted by the majority could be revoked by the
majority. Without almost universal acceptance of the concept that all
rights are granted from God, indeed no rights are protected. Thus the
foundations of leftist thought work against themselves. The left is the
first to sue (literally and figuratively) for rights, but if there is no
justification for those rights other than the political whims of the
day, how safe are those rights?  

Ted Kegebein

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