Fight Oregon Law Against Activism

John pemberjl at
Wed Mar 31 22:44:37 EST 1999

Sorry, Dan, but the harassment law will probably stand up in court.  There
are similar laws in many states.  One I can think is the law against
harassing people legally hunting in the state of Michigan.  I would suggest
learning tried and true forestry techniques and help rather than hinder the
folks trying to make an honest living.

> URGENT ACTION!!! Please contact Governor John Kitzhaber and ask him to
> veto
> SB 653, the "Illegal Presence at Timber Harvests" Bill. It would make
> your
> appearance at a timber harvest punishable by a felony, $100,00 fine and
> 5
> years in jail.
> It's very harmful to the environmental movement in Oregon. Although it
> looked like it wouldn't pass the legislature it appears it already has.
> Now
> Kitzhaber could let it slide ride through as his token gift to the
> timber
> industry. We must contact him and ask that he veto it on the grounds
> that
> it is unconstitutional.

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