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>> Dont you have any controls AT ALL?
>> There is no way in this country that private landowner can just sell
>> the trees to a logger to cut.
>> We have the Forest Authority and anyone who wants to cut a tree has to
>> submit plans and get their say so.

>In the USA it's mostly a question of where you live.  Joe lives in 
>Massachusetts, which hasn't revised it's legal system since they quit 
>mashing witches to death under rocks.

We (Scotland) revised our law on witches and traitors in 1926 . Up
until that date it was still technically legal to be sentenced to be
hung, drawn and quartered for certain offences. 

>Here on the Left Coast, we have a thing called the Forest Practices Act, 
>which does essentially what your FA seems to do.  We do have to file a 
>harvest plan, reforest within 3 years or pay a substantial penalty, 
>maintain riparian zones around watercourses, and dozens of other things.  
>In fact, any time we do anything in the woods we have to file a notice 
>with the Oregon State Forestry Department.  
>The USA generally leaves private forest management to the states.  The 
>result is that some states have very progressive Forest Practices Acts 
>and some states have none at all.

I keep forgetting that you don't have a federal law for everything.
Being from a parochial country which would just about squeeze into the
corner of Manhatten Island I tend to presume that other country's laws
apply nationally.
Its good to hear that at least in places like Oregon you have a
similar system to us.
Remind me not to take a job in Mass.
>You also need to understand the geography of North America.  We have 
>parks in Oregon larger than the combined timber holdings in the state of 
>Massachusetts.  We have over a million hectares of commercial timber in 
>my county alone.  Most of it is very well managed indeed.
>-- Larry
Any vacancies? !    : )

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