Global Free Logging Agreement

Ted Kegebein kegebein at
Mon Nov 1 17:52:23 EST 1999

Bob Taylor wrote:
> >
> > I don't propose any system to mediate or regulate or tax
> > competition from foreign producers.
> >
> > That is how freedom works, through free markets.
> > It isn't nice and organized.
> >
> In other words, people living in the countries where the government does
> the least to fix prices should just bend over and take it?  Is this how
> freedom works?
> Bob Taylor

Sorry, but my ego isn't big enough to think that I am going to
change the world.

Ultimately, one should think, that the USSR model will implode on
any country foolish enough to follow it. Meanwhile, competition,
even socialist subsidized competition is good for the consumer.

And yes, keeping ones own money, or spending less of it for
ones needs feeds freedom. Money is property, too. And I never
met a person with money in their pocket who didn't think 
themselves to be relatively free.


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