Global Free Logging Agreement

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Tue Nov 2 14:37:46 EST 1999

Karl Davies wrote in message <381E66F7.B3029918 at>...
:Ted Kegebein wrote:
:> The real issue is whether or not Congress should withdraw from
:> GATT, the WTO, etc., etc.
:> Congress has that power, if they
:> fail to exercise that power, it will be because the rules
:> set up by such treaties are in the interest of free trade.
:No.  It will be because their fat asses are totally bought and paid for by the
:same corporate "entities" that set up those rules.
:> Remember this: history teaches us what high tariffs do to
:> the world's economy (Depression).
:History teaches us no such thing.  The Depression was the result of the
:economy being sucked dry by the same type of corporate suck heads that are
:sucking it dry now.  Tariffs had nothing to do with it, unless your a
:resucklican. <G>
 You might want to read what Galbraith  wrote about the depression. High tariffs
to protect local markets lead to inefficiencies. Smoot-Hawley did more to
prolong the 30's Depression here in the US than anything else. We closed our
markets to protect our heavy industry in the north and other nations closed
their markets to primarily agricultural exports from the southern US. The
agricultural regions couldn't afford to upgrade technology by purchasing
equipment from the industrialized north, and the downward spiral continued.

This same issue was discussed at length, 1861-1865. History can teach us things.

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