Coufal's remarks on civility

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Tue Nov 2 22:20:42 EST 1999

God forbid anyone should advocate civility in these cynical, mean-spirited
times. I know Jim, and he's a good person.
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>> I read with great interest the essay by SAF President James
>> Coufal entitled "Civility" on the SAF web site at
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>> Joe "Che" Zorzin
>> The Politics of Forestry
>Great, well-thought-out post Joseph. Thanks for posting it.
>I especially liked:
>> "We human beings don't look very much like a tree, we view
>> the world very differently but down deep at the molecular
>> heart of life we are virtually identical to trees."
>> Carl Sagan
>And we treat old trees and old people pretty much the same way. I hope
>it's not genetic.
>Daniel B. Wheeler
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