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Wed Nov 3 06:14:24 EST 1999

NO LIE, we can get you FREE THINGS  on the Internet.  Wouldn't it be nice to start getting things for FREE?  Well, we can help you with that.  I have done extensive research on how to get free things on the Internet from many different resources.  Some of these items include computer accessories, free music, free web-site promotion & design, and much much much more.  This is not a joke, I assure you that the small investment that you might make in purchasing this information will definitely pay for itself with just one of the free items that we can list for you.  So don't waste any time in ordering, we will throw in some more free gifts if you order within 5 days, just print this out for your free gift for ordering within 5 days.

The price is only $15.00, what an investment

Include your e-mail address when ordering, so we can e-mail you the package.  All orders will be sent soon after we get payment.

allfree at     for more info, put info in the subject 

removeall at   to be removed

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