Peripherals pay for forests

HULTGREN arne at
Wed Nov 3 21:55:43 EST 1999

>> > > Ectomycorrhizal fungi are extremely important to tree growth and
>> > > Most tree farmers (and NF and BLM) don't know what they are, can't
>> > > recognize the most common forms, haven't heard about them, and deal
>> > > them only from a deep denial standpoint. Since only 50-100 species
>> > > been cultivated (that I am aware of), and 3000 species are known with
>> > > Douglas fir alone, I think there is a lot to be said for vastly
>> > > harvesting in national forests and public lands.

The role of mycorrhizal (endo & ecto) has been taught at HSU since at least
I seriously doubt any foresters are not aware of them, but identifying them
is another story.
I thought they were ubiquitous and opportunistic, like most organisms...
Why not establish the resiliency of this fungi before we lock up MORE forest
land just because logging is not PC.
How did this organism evolve in the context of massive, catastrophic
disturbances of the pre-european era?

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