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bob mcarthur wrote:

> paul at writes: > Tom, that's not the point - the point is anyway that the forest can't be
> Just for laughs, let me ask.
> Define forestry.

Forestry: the science, art and practice of managing and using for human benefit the natural resources that
occur on and in association with forest lands.

> Deifine sustainability.

> Sustainability: A state or process that can be maintained indefinitely. The principles of sustainability
> integrate three closely interlined elements the environment, the economy and the social system into a
> system that can be maintained in a healthy state indefinitely.

> Sustainable development: preservation and protection of diverse ecosystems-the soil, plants, animals,
> insects and fungi while maintaining the forest's productivity.

> Sustainable forest management: management regimes applied to forest land which maintain the productive and
> renewal capacities as well as the genetic, species and ecological diversity of forest ecosystems.

> Sustained yield: a method of forest management that calls for an approximate balance between net growth and
> amount harvested.

> Part of the problem with this discussion is that no-one has really
> defined what we are talking about, and then we rush headlong, figuring that everyone has
> the same point of view.
> Bob McA

The source is Canada's B.C. Forestry.  The look similar to the definitions that I learned in forestry school
many years ago.  The Society of American Forestry has a publication titled "Forestry Terminology".  You can
buy it from them.  The edition that I have (1958) defines forestry as the scientific management of forests
for the continuous production of goods and services.  The B.C. one is more up to date than my glossary.

Jim Christensen

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