Global Free Logging Agreement

Bob Taylor rtaylor at
Thu Nov 4 23:07:29 EST 1999

> Again, the WTO has anti-dumping provisions.
IMO that is not enough.  This is an industry that has a history of
non-sustainable cutting when the opportunity presents, particularly on
public lands. If a country chooses to allow a high and unsustainable cut,
how are the industries in more enlightened countries to survive.  Such a
cut could be quite profitable and pass the anti-dumping filter.
> While we are pointing fingers, our Federal government
> subsidizes landowners with CPR and other programs.
> And, why are taxpayers forced to subsidize the USFS?
> How many private landowners would spend thousands
> of dollars more on road building than their timber
> is worth, just to cut the timber?

The concept is and has always been that roads on national forests are
capital improvements.  One doesn't pay for a capital improvement with a
single sale.  Private landowners routinely pay more to build a road than
they gain from a single year's cutting when that road is an investment in
the future.
> In case you missed it, I'm all for selling off
> all our USFS timberlands.
A good case could be made for it, with the exception of certain lands that
would make good parks.  

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