Save our National Forests

multiple users akarnold at
Thu Nov 4 22:31:19 EST 1999

As you read this, logging trucks are tearing through
our National Forests, clearcutting and destroying our
last ancient and wild forests.

Heritage Forests provide us with:
--Hiking, Camping and Fishing;
--Clean Drinking Water;
--Homes for Grizzly Bears & Bald Eagles;
--Most importantly, our forests are a priceless
legacy we must protect for future generations.

I'm helping launch an Internet campaign to save our
Heritage Forests as a legacy for our children.

Will you help?  All it takes is 30 seconds.  Just
fill out a free e-postcard at this Web Site:

If you don't have web access, just email
howto at (mailto:howto at for
email instructions.

Please pass this message on to EVERYONE you know who
might possibly be concerned about the future of our
environment. Don't forget your mom, your dad, your
brothers and sisters, your college buddies, your
coworkers and your hiking club!  Spam only hurts our
cause, though, so please don't forward this message

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