Slightly OT: Salmon runs vs. Savage Rapids Dam

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>From The Oregonian, Nov. 11, 1999, p C9


	GRANTS PASS - A change in a gag order imposed by a federal judge has
prompted the chairman of the Grants Pass Irrigation District to offer a
revised plan for settling the dispute about whether the Savage Rapids
Dam should be torn down to improve salmon runs.
	District Chairman Dennis Becklin announced the plan Tuesday after
U.S. District Judge Michael Hogan in Eugene clarified his decision to
lift a gag order that has kept the talks secret. Hogan said partieis
could address the current proposal but could not discuss the history of
	Savage Rapids Dam, which diverts water from the Rogue River for
irrigation, has been controversial for the past five years becuase of
concerns about fish passage. The federal government sued the district in
1998 for failing to meet Endangered Species Act requirements on
threatened coho salmon.
	Becklin's proposal states that dam removal is unnecessary, but it
has become the only option because of the commitment of the state, the
federal government and environmental groups to remove the dam.
	Becklin said the district will ask the Oregon congressional
delagation to push the district's removal plan.

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