What is misseltoe worth?

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> A lot of people like looking at this white "berries", but I
> believe both the plant and berries are poisonous. (Anyone sure about
> this?) I have a lot of it on my family's property. It is usually spread
> by birds, who eat the berries then defecate on other tree branches. The
> seeds sprout, penetrating the wood, and start to sap nutrients from the
> host tree.

Are you familiar with Nichols Garden Nursery in Albany?  Years ago, when 
Old Mr. Nichols was still alive, he published a catalog with all sorts of 
herb lore mixed in with the sales listings.  I remember his listing for 
mistletoe tea, which said something like, "Strongly stimulant.  Not 
recommended."  I assume that his "strongly stimulant" was similar to 
strychnine, which causes muscle tetany.

I was sorry to see a recent Nichols catalog.  No more witches' herbs, all 
yuppie stuff.  I guess whoever took it over didn't care for herb lore.

-- Larry

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