"Forest and the Trees" by Senator Larry Craig, Senator (R), Idaho

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Tue Nov 16 16:50:16 EST 1999

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>However, its effect will be to limit accessby
>hikers, hunters, snowmobilers, mountain bikers, and
>cross-country skiers

Now, that's odd given that hiker, mountain bikers, and
cross-country skiers all cherish trail use in roadless
areas.  And plenty of hunters enjoy hunting in our wilderness
areas.  And snowmobilers aren't restricted to roads.

So ... mountain bikers and snowmobilers are restricted
from designated Wilderness, but these roadless areas aren't
so protected nor will they be under Clinton's plan, if he
carries it through.

>-and to destroy the very reason they chose
>to visit in the first place: the forest. That's why this policy
>is going to be extremely unpopular with thoughtful people who
>enjoy both the forests and the trees.

I'd love to see Larry Craig on cross-country skiis.  I wonder
if he knows they go on your feet? :)

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