Skyline Yarders (Madill, Washington, etc...)

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Sat Nov 20 23:52:12 EST 1999

Here's a great paper published by OSU's Forest Science Laboratory:
"Skyline Thinning Production and Costs: Experience from the Willamette Young
Stand Project"
by Kellogg, Miller, & Olsen, August 1999, Research Contribution #21
email to:   forspub at
The OSU folks are great about deseminating all manner of research...check
them out.

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>Hey Everyone,
>    I am looking for an internet site that might list useful information
>about the mechanical utilization rates, mechanical availability rates,
>productive machine hours, unit costs, etc... regarding Madill yarders and
>Washington yarders.  If you know of any sites that might be useful could
>please reply...
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