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Karl Davies karl at
Wed Nov 24 10:15:24 EST 1999

Ted Kegebein wrote:

> Pretty good paper, Karl. Good work!

Thanks.  Now if we can get the powers that be to recognize the value of
all the ecosystem services that forests provide, we might be able to
make a decent living growing trees. <G>

> I'm just glad that we don't have to
> wait 60 years down here to grow a 14" tree :)

Actually, we can grow them faster up here too.  Those numbers in the
tables at are for
previously unmanaged stands.  But we still can't compete with y'all on
volume growth rates.

I think we may do better on the grade value increase rates on hardwoods
though--better than unpruned southern pines anyway.  I wonder if anyone
has ever looked into this...

Karl Davies, Practicing Forester

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