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Karl Davies karl at
Wed Nov 24 10:42:52 EST 1999

Jim Cunningham wrote:

> Moose Maple Rustic furnishings in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

I always wondered why they call it moosewood, aka striped maple, aka
acer pennsylvanicum.  Then last month I was marking timber in an area
between two big swamps.  There was lots of moosewood in the understory.
Many of them had long scrape marks up about 6-10 feet.

We figured the moose were rubbing their antlers on those trees while
going back and forth between the swamps.  Then we looked closer and
discovered the scrapes were teeth marks where the critters had eaten the
bark.  They seemed to like red maple too.

Moose are relatively new around here in western MA.

Karl Davies, Practicing Forester

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