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Karl Davies karl at
Fri Nov 26 23:29:45 EST 1999

Mike Hagen wrote:

> Very nicely done, Karl!  With the conversion and high grading of most
> stands on the west coast the same principles now apply here.  We've got
> two more factors though. The vagaries of the export market still throw a
> monkey wrench into the value increase.  And in many areas, the lack of
> large diameter capable sawmills limit marketability of sawlogs greater
> than 24 inches - which ought to have been the greatest income producers!

Thanks.  So what kind of returns do they figure for those sub-24" trees?  Has
anyone calculated returns for above-24" trees (without and with mills capable
of sawing them, and including grade and market value increases)?  Should be
pretty basic stuff.

If it makes economic sense to grow them bigger, then they should do that.
But of course they should also factor in other factors like wildlife
habitats, watershed protection, ecological diversity, etc, etc.

> Karl Davies wrote:
> >
> > Ted Kegebein wrote:
> >
> > > Pretty good paper, Karl. Good work!
> >
> > Thanks.  Now if we can get the powers that be to recognize the value of
> > all the ecosystem services that forests provide, we might be able to
> > make a decent living growing trees. <G>
> >
> > > I'm just glad that we don't have to
> > > wait 60 years down here to grow a 14" tree :)
> >
> > Actually, we can grow them faster up here too.  Those numbers in the
> > tables at are for
> > previously unmanaged stands.  But we still can't compete with y'all on
> > volume growth rates.
> >
> > I think we may do better on the grade value increase rates on hardwoods
> > though--better than unpruned southern pines anyway.  I wonder if anyone
> > has ever looked into this...
> >
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