LANDSCOPE: Aspen Clear-Cuts in Colorado National Forests to Double?

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Subject: LANDSCOPE: Aspen Clear-Cuts in Colorado National Forests to  Double? 

LANDSCOPE, News and Views From American Lands - October 4, 1999

Aspen Clear-Cuts in Colorado National Forests to Double?

A provision inserted by Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-CO) in the 1999
Senate Interior Appropriations bill would force the Forest Service in
Colorado to spend an additional $2 million to log aspen trees. The  request
for the funds came not from the Forest Service but from Louisiana-Pacific
Corporation (L-P) a contributor to Sen. Campbell's election campaign in
1998.  The forests affected by the rider are the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre,
Gunnison and White River National Forests. The additional $2 million dollars
would be spent on preparing the sales to clearcut aspen and building new
roads into the National Forests. 

. . . Colorado environmental groups are asking activists to call or fax to
Undersecretary of Agriculture Jim Lyons to urge him to recommend that this
rider be removed before the Interior bill is signed by President Clinton.
Contact Undersecretary of Agriculture Jim Lyons, 202/720 7173, 202/720-4732
(fax).  For more information contact: Matt Sura, Western Colorado Congress,
970-256-7650, mailto:wcc at 

Rally for the Ancient Forests Oct 11: Pacific Crest Biodiversity Project and
other groups are holding a rally to protect Fossil Creek and Watch Mountain
on Washington State's Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  These two areas are
publicly owned but threatened with logging if they are traded to the Plum
Creek Corporation as part of the I-90 Land Exchange.  The rally will be at
the Federal Building in downtown Seattle at noon.  Contact Jasmine
Minbashian at mailto:jasmine at pcbp@org for more information.

Give Mother Earth a Rest Day Oct 13: Promoted by the Indigenous
Environmental Network, "Give Mother Earth a Rest Day," Wednesday Oct 13 is
to show our love and respect for the earth.  Turn off the TV and lights,
shut off the taps, take a walk and leave the fossil fuel burning vehicle at

Suit Filed to Challenge Regionwide National Forest Grazing: Forest Guardians
has reactivated a lawsuit challenging ongoing livestock grazing on four
National Forests in New Mexico and Arizona claiming that both the Forest
Service and Fish and Wildlife Service are ignoring the effects of livestock
grazing on four endangered species.  The suit claims that grazing on more
than 40 allotments covering nearly 1 million acres continues to endanger the
Southwest willow flycather, the Loach minnow, Spikedace and Mexican spotted
owl.  Contact John Horning of Forest Guardians at
mailto:jhorning at for more information.

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