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Mon Oct 4 20:02:06 EST 1999

Mike the Tree Doctor wrote:

> Don Staples <dstaples at> wrote in message
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> > Why not a consultants web ring?  At least we would have a country, if not
> > world wide, source of information and service.  How do we (you, you seem
> to
> > have more experience with this infernal contraptions) get one started?
> >
> I think that's a great idea. I know we would be willing to cross-reference
> links from our site. What do you all think??

I've just seen them here and there.  Don't know how they work.  Joe Zorzin
already sort of has one with his Forestmeister Awards, and he's more into web
stuff than I am, so maybe he could help us with this.  I'll forward this thread
to him.

> Mike the Tree Doctor

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