Loggers to sue Forest Service, enviromentalists

Jbgriffin4 jbgriffin4 at aol.com
Wed Oct 6 20:55:16 EST 1999

>When the
>logging industry starts coming up with ways to truly grow trees (i.e.
>cultivating mycorrhizal fungi), such frivolous lawsuits on _both_ sides
>should suddenly cease. But until then...

Why can't there be 2 industries?  One to harvest logs and a seperate one to
re-forest.  Most people like me have no time to do more than one job.  I would
favor a system where every government dollar recieved by an individual or a
group for education grants and research projects would be a dollar earned by
planting a tree.  It worked for the CCC boys in the '30's and today's students
and egg-headed researchers can do the same.  I say it's time to end the free
ride and let the loggers go on making a living. 

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