Nevada Residents Plan to Illegally Reconstruct a Road on USFS Land

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Subject: Nevada Residents Plan to Illegally Reconstruct a Road on USFS  Land

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - October 8, 1999

Nevada Residents Plan to Illegally Reconstruct a Road on USFS Land

The Jarbidge road on the Humboldt National Forest in Elko County, Nevada
will be illegally reconstructed this weekend by an estimated 500 county
residents armed with pick axes and shovels, according to the Reno
Gazette-Journal.  Led by a Nevada assemblyman, John Carpenter, the group
plans to reclaim a 1.5 mile road to the Jarbidge River near the Nevada/Idaho
border which was recently closed by the Forest Service to protect the
endangered bull trout.  Due to the concern of violence local Forest Service
employees will not be present.  Neither the Justice Department nor the US
Attorney of Nevada has announced how they plan to address this situation. 

. . .  American Lands condemns this destructive act which undermines the
agency's efforts to protect bull trout.  If this action is allowed to take
place, those responsible should be prosecuted.  Call the US Attorney of
Nevada, Kathryn Landreth at 702/388-6336 and ask that she investigate this
vandalism.  For more information contact Anne Martin of American Lands,
702/650-6542 or mailto:annem at

Soda Mountain Wilderness At Critical Stage: The Bureau of Land Management
(BLM) has begun the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
for the management of the Cascade-Siskiyou Ecological Emphasis Area which
includes the Oregon portion of the Soda Mt. Wilderness proposal, according
to the Siskiyou Project.  Activists can help ensure that the BLM takes steps
toward protecting this exceptional area by attending a BLM scoping meeting
for the EIS on Saturday October 9th or by writing to the Medford, OR
district of the BLM.  Contact Barbara Ullian, Siskiyou Project at
mailto:barbara at or call 541/474- 2265 for more information.

Appeal Shuts Down Old Growth Timber Sale on Kaibab Plateau: The Regional
Forester in the Southwest has affirmed an appeal by the Center for
Biological Diversity, the Sierra Club and the Southwest Forest Alliance by
ordering the Kaibab National Forest to withdraw the Dry Park Timber Sale,
says an alert from the Center.  The Kaibab violated its own protection
guidelines for the goshawk and did not consider the effects of logging 6,000
old growth trees on other wildlife.  Contact Kieran Suckling of the Center at 
mailto:ksuckling at or call 520/623-5252 for more information.

Sour Deal on the Sourdough Timber Sale in Wyoming: Bighorn National Forest
Supervisor Abigail Kimbell has signed off on a timber sale that would
clearcut a total of 250 acres of "stagnant" lodgepole pine for "ecosystem
restoration," according to The Billings Gazette.  "Studies show you can't
keep cutting timber and not impact the watersheds," said Caroline Byrd of
the Wyoming Outdoor Council.  "They seem to be looking at logging as a
cure-all for poor management in the past."  Contact Caroline Byrd for more
information at mailto:cbyrd at or call 307/332-7031.

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