Save Our Forests!!!

Ted Kegebein kegebein at
Fri Oct 15 16:32:49 EST 1999

smarthu wrote:
> What was the wonderful proceedure I once heard for interacting organically
> whith the forests in a way that is truly natural and of no impact?
> 1)Find a tree with a stout branch.
> 2)Dig a deep hole under it
> 2)fill the hole half full of active compost
> 4)Hang yourself by the neck over it until dead.  DO NOT USE NYLON ROPE
> 5)Join in your rightful place in the nitrogen cycle.
>     Bob McA

Burying oneself alive in the compost may be better for the environment
as you would become a carbon sink, and less likely to oxidize as
quickly. Whoops--that might be considered art and attract visitors!

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