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Thu Oct 28 01:04:44 EST 1999

MailDebate.Com, the company that pays rewards for joining their mailing lists, thanks you for submitting your email into our database. In our view, since receiving email solicitations on the Internet is inevitable, you might as well have a chance on winning some cash.  In addition, by joining our opt-in mailing list club you will receive the following benefits:

-First chance at promotional, sale, and special offers from leading companies
-Free entries into our monthly giveaways of up to $5000.00 cash (See website for details)
-Access to free email address and mailbox to receive the mailings in. 
-Discounts on member mailings

To receive these benefits you must either complete the signup form at our website or you can simply reply to this message.

If your name was not intentionally added, do nothing.  You must confirm your membership before you can be entered into the drawings or be added to any lists.  But remember your name will be permanently deleted from our database and you will not be able to participate in any of our great offers. 

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