Global Free Logging Agreement

Karl Davies karl at
Thu Oct 28 10:52:33 EST 1999

Ted Kegebein wrote:

> Tariffs have not slowed any timber cutting in any part of the world.
> They have, however, kept the price of timber artificially high
> in America.

Isn't the real issue whether elected governments will continue to decide
these and other issues?  Or whether unelected corporate executives and
unelected trade bureaucrats will decide?

> They are great for me personally, but not for the consumer.
> But, somehow, I'm not afraid of freedom.
> It's a vice, I know, but I have to live with it.

If you believe that corporations and bureaucrats should rule the world,
I don't think you really believe in freedom.  If you believe this, I
think you believe in what might be called corporate fascism--not

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