Global Free Logging Agreement

Ted Kegebein kegebein at
Thu Oct 28 19:50:43 EST 1999

Karl Davies wrote:
> Ted Kegebein wrote:
> > Tariffs have not slowed any timber cutting in any part of the world.
> > They have, however, kept the price of timber artificially high
> > in America.
> Isn't the real issue whether elected governments will continue to decide
> these and other issues?  Or whether unelected corporate executives and
> unelected trade bureaucrats will decide?

The real issue is whether or not Congress should withdraw from
GATT, the WTO, etc., etc. Congress has that power, if they
fail to exercise that power, it will be because the rules
set up by such treaties are in the interest of free trade.
Remember this: history teaches us what high tariffs do to
the world's economy (Depression). 

I will not filter my belief in free trade just because of
my "special interest". America's freedom is more important 
than my bank account. If my profession is the same as a dinosaur,
let it die. If American timber growers and lumber producers
can't compete in the world market, we deserve to wither away.

I don't cotton to fear of the future.

> > They are great for me personally, but not for the consumer.
> >
> > But, somehow, I'm not afraid of freedom.
> >
> > It's a vice, I know, but I have to live with it.
> If you believe that corporations and bureaucrats should rule the world,
> I don't think you really believe in freedom.  If you believe this, I
> think you believe in what might be called corporate fascism--not
> freedom.

Call it what you wish. But I notice that the large American timber
corporations are the ones who wish to stifle free trade.
They should not be protected any more than any other sector of the

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And, perhaps you need a lesson in governments:

Ted Kegebein

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