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> >Assuming Bush is the next pres, I would expect a continuance of his policies
> >here in Texas.  He streamlined the state environmental agencies, made  more
> >money available for those agencies, and created a much better working climate
> >for all parties envolved.
> Any Republican President will be under tremendous pressure from
> the timber lobby and Republican Senators such as Larry Craig
> from Idaho to ditch the NW Forest Plan.
> Whether that pressure will have any result, I don't know.
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I'm not sure whether a presidential edict would take precedence over
Congressionally passed laws, such as the ESA. I suspect the Supreme
Court might have a say in such maneuverings.

On another note, I talked with a friend at my athletic club last night.
He has a block of older trees (probably over 200 years old, and at least
one spruce was 7' diameter) along the Little Nestucca River, Tillamook
County. A group of similar sized trees were found to have Marbled
murrlet nesting in them about 5 miles from him. And as of Oct. 1, state
set-asides for salmon-bearing streams will be extended (according to
him) to 300' on either side. So...he is currently clearcutting his land
before it is "taken" by the state to protect the salmon runs. It will be
interesting to see if he makes it in time. The logger is also taking out
his brother's trees adjacent to his property, and the trees must be
moved over the river before Oct. 1: which makes for a lot of pressure.

On the one hand, I feel sorry for the guy. He's just about to retire,
and wants to get as much as he can from the trees before he goes on a
fixed income. And I don't think anyone would argue he isn't entitled to
the trees. OTOH, the Little Nestucca has a lot of fish going up it, and
logging just before the fall runs will likely cause sedimentation, even
with a 100' buffer.

Does this mean that the next few years will see a decrease in salmon
because of higher cuts on private timber land at lower elevations along
salmon streams before the new regulations go into effect? Uh, yeah,
right, you got it, you betcha, uh-huh, that's it...

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