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Fri Sep 10 16:21:27 EST 1999


I am a student at St. Monica's High School and we were recently assigned
a project to come up with a list of everyday items to make a product
that uses the earths natural resources. I was assigned a solar cooker or
oven. We wont actually build it. We just have to come up with an idea by
getting help from different sources. I've read books about it but found
it too confusing. My teacher recommended the internet, so I am here
hoping for any information you can offer. I would greatly appreciate
your help. Thank you in advance.

The only limitations I have is that the budget should be under $50 and
the prototype oven must be .75m x .75m x .50m and the cooking space be
.20m x .20m x .20m. Also it has to reach 175 degrees celsius. I wont
actually build one. I just have to tell my teacher what products to get
and where I got the information from. I would greatly appreciate any


Oh yeah, this is not my computer, so please write me here --->
Laiv at

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