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> >I'm not sure whether a presidential edict would take precedence over
> >Congressionally passed laws, such as the ESA. I suspect the Supreme
> >Court might have a say in such maneuverings.
> It would start in Dwyer's court, of course.
> But, I'm really thinking in terms of legislative action with
> a friendly or at least neutral President.  Of course, we might
> get a split in Congress since the voting public seems to
> prefer not to have the Senate, House and President all in the
> hands of one party.

You can say that again. And since a Republican-controlled Senate and
House can't compromise, it looks like the ESA will need to be repealed
before much can be done.

This points up the problem I have with legislators: politics is the art
of compromise. If it were up to politicians, pi would be equal to 3.

Then again, maybe that's how a cut involving 3 MBF becomes 2MBF. Anyone
checked recent legislation regarding pi? <G>

Daniel B. Wheeler

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