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There are plans for a solar cooker at this site:

Perhaps it will be of some help.  I didn't notice any info on temperatures


AltrNtv wrote in message <37D97657.386672F6 at>...
>I am a student at St. Monica's High School and we were recently assigned
>a project to come up with a list of everyday items to make a product
>that uses the earths natural resources. I was assigned a solar cooker or
>oven. We wont actually build it. We just have to come up with an idea by
>getting help from different sources. I've read books about it but found
>it too confusing. My teacher recommended the internet, so I am here
>hoping for any information you can offer. I would greatly appreciate
>your help. Thank you in advance.
>The only limitations I have is that the budget should be under $50 and
>the prototype oven must be .75m x .75m x .50m and the cooking space be
>.20m x .20m x .20m. Also it has to reach 175 degrees celsius. I wont
>actually build one. I just have to tell my teacher what products to get
>and where I got the information from. I would greatly appreciate any

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