Tree-planting group starting in N. CA, best land?

tiffanie rose tiffanie at
Mon Sep 13 11:04:44 EST 1999

We are almost ready to start a group for starting tree farms and orchards
on land trust land, and intending to start in Northern California
whereever we can afford to buy good land.

  This is a project so that city residents can travel out to the land
(carpooling) and turn some areas with little or no trees into lush
gardens,  probably with fast growing paulownia, and fruit and nut trees,
with other produce growing under the trees.

   For most of the year, drip irrigation will be used to maintain a good
rate of growth. The members who help start these land trusts will not own
the land , but will have a sense of ownership and permanent rights to be
involved with the land.  (not to pave it or sell it)

Anyway, we are at the point of choosing a first piece of land, which needs:
1-some source of water
2-half decent soil (some rocks are OK but not mountainside.
3-room to grow more trees, even if there are already some Oak there.
4-Access to the bay area is helpful
5-probably at least 20 acres, unless it is already part of some nonprofit
land ownership group.
6-being frost free would be helpful, but not essential.
7-not too expensive.  We've been looking at $300-2000 per acre.

If you have any ideas, email forsand at 
or check the almost done webpage at

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