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LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - September 14, 1999

Senate Rejects Proposal to Reduce Logging Subsidies by 54-43 Vote

The American Lands Alliance criticized lawmakers today for rejecting a
proposal that would have reduced taxpayer subsidized logging in National
Forests.  The proposal, offered by Senators Richard Bryan (D-NV), Peter
Fitzgerald (R-IL) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) as an amendment to the Senate
Interior Appropriations bill, would have shifted funds from the U.S. Forest
Service's commercial timber sale program to forest restoration projects such
as road maintenance, fish and wildlife conservation, and watershed
rehabilitation.  The amendment failed by a 54-43 vote. 

. . . The American people were robbed today.  By rejecting the Bryan
amendment the Senate squandered a golden opportunity to save taxpayer
dollars and our nation's forests, fish, and wildlife.  Logging has long been
a major source of degradation in National Forests.  In California, logging
and associated road building has eliminated and fragmented wildlife habitat,
silted streams and rivers, and pushed species like the California spotted
owl, Pacific fisher, and northern spotted owl closer to extinction.  Logging
has also cost taxpayers.  For most of this decade, the federal timber
program has lost hundreds of millions of dollars every year.  The General
Accounting Office reported the Forest Service timber program lost nearly $1
billion from 1992-1994 alone.   "Some members of Congress still think our
public forests should be sold for private gain," said California Organizer
Brian Vincent.  "Our forests are worth more than corporate pork and plywood."

Send an E-mail Today to Save Southern Forests: Four federal agencies have
joined to conduct an unprecedented comprehensive study of southern forest
sustainability. These agencies have asked the public to comment on the
direction of the study.   Type in your comments by SEPTEMBER 15th about
protecting southern forests at:   Forests provide clean drinking water,
protect habitat for hunting and fishing, and improve the quality of life for
families throughout the South. Corporations must not build any new chip
mills until we have more information about their impact on forests and have
adequate safeguards in place for the forests. Contact the Dogwood Alliance
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recommended comments. 

Fifth Circuit Upholds Texas Injunction: Texas Committee on Natural Resources
(TCONR), the Sierra Club and The Wilderness Society won a victory in Texas
recently when the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a 1997 injunction
against most logging on National Forests in the state.  The ruling charged
that the Forest Service violated sections of the National Forest Management
Act by failing to protect soil and water and failed to conduct required
monitoring of timber sales says a release from TCONR.  The next step for the
plaintiffs will come on September 15th when a motion will be filed to stop
logging in Longleaf Ridge.  Please contact Janice Bezanson of TCONR at
512/327-4119 or mailto:bezanson at for more information.

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