Premiums on Certified Lumber

Karl Davies karl at
Fri Sep 17 06:29:41 EST 1999

It's my understanding that certified lumber is currently bringing about
15% more than uncertified lumber in the Northeast.  If the average price
for lumber is $400 per Mbf (ballpark), then the premium for certified
lumber would be about $60 per Mbf.

So the question arises, how does that $60 per Mbf get divided up?  How
much goes to the landowner, the manager (particularly in the case of
consulting foresters where owner and manager are different people), the
logger, and the mill?

The landowner may be sacrificing short-term returns.  The
manager/forester is the one who does the planning and supervises the
implementation.  The logger does the implementation on the ground.  The
mill segregates and markets the lumber.

So what's fair?  Equal split all around?  Or do some parties to the deal
deserve more than others?

Karl Davies, Silviculturist

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