Premiums on Certified Lumber

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Why worry about this? What's wrong with letting the market decide what's


Karl Davies wrote:
> It's my understanding that certified lumber is currently bringing about
> 15% more than uncertified lumber in the Northeast.  If the average price
> for lumber is $400 per Mbf (ballpark), then the premium for certified
> lumber would be about $60 per Mbf.
> So the question arises, how does that $60 per Mbf get divided up?  How
> much goes to the landowner, the manager (particularly in the case of
> consulting foresters where owner and manager are different people), the
> logger, and the mill?
> The landowner may be sacrificing short-term returns.  The
> manager/forester is the one who does the planning and supervises the
> implementation.  The logger does the implementation on the ground.  The
> mill segregates and markets the lumber.
> So what's fair?  Equal split all around?  Or do some parties to the deal
> deserve more than others?
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> Karl Davies, Silviculturist
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