Premiums on Certified Lumber

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Fri Sep 17 14:51:03 EST 1999

Christopher Erickson wrote:

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> > Why worry about this? What's wrong with letting the market decide what's
> > "fair"?
>  Or to be more to the point:
> Why worry about this? The market _will_ decide this, regardless of what is
> fair.

Well, I guess the reason for worrying about it is economic.  If I'm going to
plunk down $5,000 to $10,000 to get certified as a forest manager, then I'd
want to see a reasonable chance of getting a return on that investment.  I'm
altruistic, but not THAT altruistic. <G>

And if it looked like the landowners and the mills were going to walk off with
all the profits from certification, why should I even bother thinking about
it?  Especially when it's me and the loggers who are the ones who are making
most of the effort, IMO.

Karl Davies, Silviculturist

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