Premiums on Certified Lumber

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>The chain starts with the consumer willing to pay a premium.
Not necessarily, in the UK we have already been told that there will be
no premium paid for certificated mainstream products through the DIY
Sheds. The <average> consumer will still buy the cheapest product even
if it is not totally environmentally friendly. However, there may be
some mileage in low volume specialist products where the consumer will
pay a premium. In our case it is mostly retailer and not wholly consumer
lead. Again the cost seems to have to be met by the grower and supply
chain. I cannot see where any cost is for the retailer.
>My advice: don't be the first, be the best.
Good advice but you could also say, don't be first but research the
issues and costs and go with it when the market is about to specify only
certificated timber. That way you minimise the risk of jumping on the
bandwagon early and possibly costing yourself more than you need to.

Not quite as punchy as Sam's advice though :-)
Will Anderson
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