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mummygal at USA.COM mummygal at USA.COM
Mon Sep 20 23:02:51 EST 1999

$$$ Get paid not only while you are online but offline too!
$$$ Take 58% ads profit!
$$$ Cashbar to be release on September 29, 1999!

Dear Online Surfer,

I would like to introduce you a company that willing to share a total
advertising profit of 58% to you. What you have to do is simply surf
the web as you normally do PLUS you can run the ads offline and earn 
money. This mean that you can earn money even when you are running 
other application such as Microsoft Words/Excel without having 
connected to the internet.

Sound crazy? Sure not. Every day advertisers pay big money to get you
to look at ads.  During the Superbowl the networks can charge morethan
$1 million for a 30 second commercial, because they can guarantee that
people like yourself will watch it.  Wouldn't it be easier if the
advertisers simply paid YOU to look at their ads, and cut out the

Think about the free movies/programs you see on TV. How the TV company
afford to give you free entertainments? Simply because they earn thier
revenue from their advertisers. Now instead of getting the free
entertainment you proactively run the ads medium software and get paid
fot it! This is a simply logic made possible by the use of internet

They don't get in your way while online/offline, and they don't make
you visit any special sites, they just have a simple little software
application that sits on your computer, displaying ads and counting
your money.

The application is smaller than a typical banner ad, and you can
move it around anywhere on your screen, so it really isn't too
distracting. The ultimate thing about the concept is that they not
only pay you to surf the web, but will also pay you when your friends
and family are on-line as well.

Here are the revenue scheme:
* You will be paid 40% ads profit for the time you participate.
* Earn 10% ads profit from your 1st level referrals
* Earn 5% ads profit from your 2nd level referrals
* Earn 2% ads profit from your 3rd level referrals
* Earn 1% ads profit from your 3rd level referrals

As this is a profit sharing basis the income potential is unlimited!

Use their online calculator to find out instantly why you can easily
make USD1000+ every month.

The Company had archieve no. 1000 higgest traffic site proven by PC
DATA! With 500,000 unique member!

>>> Good News! September 29, 1999 is the release date for the CashBar
Software! You will be able to start earning money when the Cashbar
software is available!

Click the link below and sign up:-


Best of luck, and be sure to let me know what you think.

mummygal at usa.com

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