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Recently I was doing a web search on ectomycorrhizae. And I came upon
this rather fascinating and uniquely well-written site:

It's about a trail near the University of British Columbia. It has a lot
of insights to common and uncommon foresters. I've included a couple of
quotes from the site:

"If Homo sapiens disappeared, the event would go virtually unnoticed by
the vast majority of Earth's life forms," intones Christopher Manes. But
"if fungus . . . were to go extinct tomorrow, the effect on the rest of
the biosphere would be catastrophic" (Manes 24).

Mycorrhizae may prolong the life of roots, increase their diameter and
branchiness, and even inhibit the attack of pathogenic fungi. It has
been estimated that mycorrhizae increase the area of pine roots by
hundreds or even thousands of times in comparison to unaffected roots.
(Kimmins 238)

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